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Willie and daughter Marie

Willie and daughter Marie

Since he started out as a matchmaker 45 years ago following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, the third generation matchmaker has set up around 3,000 marriages.
Willie has also passed his skills onto his daughters Claire, Gráinne and Marie.

Willie carries around what he calls his “lucky book”, which is about 150-years-old. He explains, “If you touch the book you’ll be married and in love inside of six months. If you are already married, you will recreate the honeymoon period you first had”.

He has also turned his hand to writing, and published a book in 2010, which is now on sale. ( it was even serialized on radio on BBC’s Book of the Week.)

From the publisher
“For centuries, Irish matchmakers have performed a vital service, bringing people together in love and marriage. It is a mysterious art, and the very best matchmakers have an almost magical quality to them. Willie Daly, whose father and grandfather were matchmakers before him, is the most celebrated of them all. Each year his tiny home town of Lisdoonvarna (population 800) hosts a matchmaking festival that attracts 40,000 visitors from around the world. They all hope to meet Willie, ‘the horse whisperer of matchmaking’. With his unique blend of intuition, quiet wisdom and a small drop of cunning, Willie has brought together hundreds of couples over the years. In The Last Matchmaker he recounts some of the best stories along with his own. The path to love can be heart-warming, hilarious, sometimes hair-raising – and Willie is the perfect guide. The Last Matchmaker is a fascinating journey into the world of matchmaking and a timely reminder that the search for love is the greatest quest of all. And should the reader be looking for love, Willie has some hard-learned, practical advice to share… “

Willie’s Tips for Love:

  • “This thing about people needing to know someone… Love is an impulsive thing. If you don’t act on that impulse you won’t do it at all.”
  • “I believe in love at first sight and if there’s that magic in it then don’t be afraid.”
  • “If you see someone you like just say it. No point in looking back and wish you had done something. Don’t be afraid to tell him that they look beautiful or good looking and that you’d like to get to know more about them.”

Below is an article from Readers Digest about Willie, written by Nic Ryan.


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